We are adopting measures to reduce our water and environmental footprint, ensuring adequate resource management and betting on ecological balance.

   Affordable and clean energy

Energy and emissions

We are committed to generate actions to reduce our environmental footprint, using energy resources efficiently and prioritizing the use of fuels with less environmental impact.

In 2018, at Grupo Herdez we inaugurated the Cogeneration Project at the El Duque Industrial Complex in San Luis Potosí, where one of the Company’s most important industrial complexes is located, with which we generate electrical and thermal energy and comply with the SDG 7 (Affordable and non-polluting energy), as well as SDG 13 (Climate action), by prioritizing the use of fuels with less environmental impact and the consumption of electricity from cleaner sources. In 2021, energy consumption from clean sources was 69.2%.

– Renewable energy (Wind): 41.5

– Clean Energy (Cogeneration): 27.7%

   Clean Water and Sanitation

Water Performance

Water is a fundamental and highly consumed resource in our production processes. For this reason, year after year we worry about conserving and reducing the consumption of this important resource.

In 2021 we had a decrease in water consumption referred to absolute m3 of 4.4%. The improvement initiatives to save resources implemented in our different locations continued.
The total volume of water discharges increased 6.4% in absolute m3 due to the increase in the number of equipment and facilities washes that were implemented for health and hygiene issues caused by the pandemic.

Comparing the discharges per ton produced, there is no increase, since for both years there is an indicator of 0.75 m3 per ton produced.

   Responsible Production and Consumption

For a More Lively World

For a more lively world (Por un mundo más vivo) is a movement backed by the Herdez brand, which integrates actions, councils, and initiatives that promote responsible consumption habits to conserve the planet.

Through this platform, we carry out several initiatives that have not only helped is un growing brand loyalty and increasing net sales in the first half of 2018, but that have also allowed us to contribute to improving environmental conditions by promoting a culture of recycling and reusing cans, and creating awareness on marine ecosystems by cleaning beaches.

The initiatives promoted by this platform are:

  • Recycle the can: initiative whereby we promote a culture of recycling and reusing cans among our consumers, for the purpose of generating positive impacts on the environment and Mexican society, transforming the cans collected in ecological heaters (2017) and wind turbine generators (2019) for vulnerable communities.
  • Adoption centers: we encourage consumers to adopt and take care of one of the more than 230 thousand plants in our itinerant adoption centers. We also invite consumers to learn in our website other forms of reusing cans and tips to take care of adopted plants.
  • Kitchen Garden: we incentivize the reuse of immediate waste packaging to create home vegetable patches through a limited edition of our vegetable cans with paper labels with seeds.
  • Beach Cleaning: by buying Herdez tuna, we transform a percentage of purchases to assist in cleaning Mexican beaches. In alliance with the Bajío Acuario the Blau Life Foundation, and 1,600 volunteers of the State of Quintana Roo, we have cleaned 102 km of beaches, picking up 21 tons of gulfweed and half a ton of trash.


In 2021 we consume 3 categories of materials: agricultural raw materials, non-perishable raw materials and packaging material (non-renewable and renewable). 87.7% of raw material suppliers are national.

13.7% of the total material purchased is recycled: corrugated cardboard in boxes, boxes and trays.

This year we generated 31.6% more hazardous and non-hazardous waste compared to last year due to the increase in production and greater control in health and hygiene conditions motivated by the pandemic, in addition to the generation and handling of larger volumes of equipment. obsolete, to compensate for this increase it was possible to increase the recycling of generated waste to 86.6%.

   Climate Action

Agriculture Sustainability Program

To guarantee the quality and safety of all the products we sell, collaboration with our suppliers throughout our value chain is key. Their experience, combined with our best practices, guarantee our consumers unique products on the market and of the highest quality.

  • The Sustainable Agriculture Program evaluates suppliers every 6 months, complying with the decalogue check list. In the middle of the 2021 cycle, there were 32 suppliers evaluated, at the end of the year the evaluation concluded with 30 suppliers. 29 of the 30 providers comply with the program.

  • The evaluation program for the level of progress in sustainability began for 100 of our main suppliers in alliance with IKUS. The goal for 2025 is to guarantee a supply chain with sustainable criteria in at least 70% of purchases.
  • Aires de Campo, in alliance with other producers, planted 800 hectares of organic crops, promoting soil restoration and avoiding contamination with agrochemicals

  • Environmental Management

    Without natural resources, Grupo Herdez could not exist. Therefore, it is crucial to work under a sustainability system that enables us to anticipate and manage the impacts derived from environmental changes to guarantee sustained growth in our operations.

    Each of our business units has change agents that, jointly with other departments of the company and our stakeholders, design strategies, directives, and policies focused on generating actions that favor environmental care and protection; this way, we promote a culture of respect, care, and synergy that allows us to overcome the climate, social, and political change that we face on a yearly basis.

    Our plants submit to internal and external audits under the terms of reference of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Produraduría Federal de Protección Ambiental (PROFEPA)); with this, we have been able to obtain and ratify the Clean Industry Certification (Certificación de Industria Limpia) in six of our plants. Also, our qualified personnel is in charge of the execution and report of the actions and performance indicators of their city.