Grupo Herdez Manifest

Our passion:

To protect our legacy and keep the reputation of our leading brands.

Our porpuse:

To continue to grow for another century, bringing to Mexicans the best of the world’s flavors,
and offering to the world the best of Mexican food.


For more than 100 years we have been on a long and fascinating journey, fully redefining
our industry, and contributing to the development of Mexico. It has been without a doubt
a wonderful journey! This legacy inspires us to continue on our path protecting that,
which has brought us to this point. Our legacy has been forged for more than a century, it
is strong and intangible and, however, it is capable of creating tangible results on a daily
basis. It is based on a culture of trust, on respect for our traditions and for Mexican
consumers, on the pride that we have for the quality of our products, and on the strength
of our brands. Our journey is guided by the tireless desire to grow, the capability to adapt
to the times, the determination to always do what’s right, and to be a trusted source for
our consumers, customers, collaborators, suppliers, communities, partners, and
shareholders. In the span of so many decades, we have faced great challenges, but we
have always known how to transform challenges into opportunities to grow and innovate
thanks to the vision of our leaders that are capable of reading the changes in market
trends and anticipating the needs of consumers. Now more than ever, we are committed
to maintaining the leadership of our brands, contributing to create a more prosperous
Mexico, and spreading throughout the world the love for Mexican food. To honor this, we
are determined to continuing building on our legacy for another century and to make
Grupo Herdez grow to hand over to the next generations an even stronger company,
unconditionally based on values, which we inherit from the visionary leaders that came
before us.