Culture of lawfulness and CONFIANZA line

The success of Grupo Herdez is based on honesty a results-oriented approach, and teamwork, resulting in trust in the company and in its employees.

Our Code of Ethics complies with the laws and regulations of the places where we operate and applies to all personnel, as well as to all our business partnerships, and contains clauses regarding the following matters:

  • Absolute confidentiality of the persons filing complaints.
  • Fair negotiation with customers, suppliers, competitors, and employees.
  • Neutrality in politics and religion, as well as a prohibition on donations to political parties.
  • Prohibition of conflicts of interest.
  • Zero tolerance to any form of bribes, discrimination, and harassment.

Complaints received through the CONFIANZA line are monitored by an external supplier, who periodically shares a consolidated report with the Human Resources Department and the Internal Audit department. 

The result of these reports is consolidated and published in our Annual Report (GRI 205-3)

The Auditing Committee is the body in charge of notifying the Board of Directors of any violation of the policies of the Group, following up, investigating, and issuing a resolution for all complaints.

Call the CONFIANZA Line

  • Telephone: 800 CONFIANZA (266-342-692)
  • Physical mailboxes in our locations