We are committed to nutritional health, reducing malnutrition levels, and seeking to reduce food waste.

   Zero Hunger

Fundación Herdez

Through Fundación Herdez, we have been serving Mexican civil society for more than 30 years by promoting, disseminating, investigating, and educating on issues focused on the food development of the country, through four strategic axes:

  • Social: Seek to resolve the major food needs for civil society through in-kind donations in natural disaster situations, and through the periodic donations to institutions program.
  • Education: Create education programs and models that strengthen the training of individuals and communities. Disseminate food and nutritional knowledge among the different strata of the population.
  • Culture: Investigate, preserve, increase, and disseminate the rich heritage of Mexican cuisine, and our food traditions, and the elements that compose national identity.
  • Scientific and technological: develop agricultural, fishery, stockbreeding, beekeeping, and food packaging research projects aimed at creating new foods, improving the current ones, increasing their production, and making them available to the majority of the population.

Healthy Eating Program

Through the Healthy Eating Program, we provide nutritional advice to our collaborators through healthy eating plans and follow-up on monthly appointments.

Currently, the program operates in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Los Mochis, and San Luis Potosí.

In 2019, we had 2,588 appointments with collaborators in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, San Luis Potosí, and Sinaloa.

Thanks to the change in the eating habits of our collaborators, we achieved a total weight loss equivalent to 1,254 kg.

Barter Market

The Barter Market is a fair trade initiative with which we contribute to improve the quality of life of the families benefited by the Saber Nutrir program, by marketing  the products grown or produced in the family vegetable patches, at competitive prices between our collaborators.

In this project, our collaborators from corporate offices exchange recyclable waste such as cardboard, cans, paper, PET, Tetrapack, and glass for vegetables, herbs, fruit, and embroidery from the Mazahua community in the State of Mexico.

After four events, these are our results:

  • We have benefitted 6 Mazahua communities
  • We have collected close to 3 tons of recyclable material (cardboard, cans, paper, PET, Tetrapack, and glass).
  • We have acquired a total of 994kg of products, generating approximately $800 of extra income per Mazahua family, per event.

*The usual average income per family is $700 per week from different activities, without considering the Barter Market.

Corporate Volunteering

The commitment to contribute to the social development of Mexico is also reflected in the effort of our collaborators. Through corporate volunteering, we annually contribute close to 300 hours of work for the installation of the productive projects of Saber Nutrir.

Saber Nutrir

Saber Nutrir is Grupo Herdez’s social responsibility program, which contributes to improving the quality of life of Mexican families with food vulnerability, with the aim of contributing to the development and well-being of children in these communities.

We work in alliance with the Pro Mazahua Foundation in communities in the State of Mexico and Yucatan, to carry out child nutritional monitoring, as well as the installation of food security, safe water and marketing projects.


Productive projects in communities

  • 1,943 productive projects
  • 34 rural communities
  • 922 families benefited

    Sponsor program

  • 80 sponsored children in 2021